Battlefield 1 Campaign Review

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Battlefield 1 was released October 21, 2016. Although a dedicated online multiplayer video game there is a single-player campaign mode included. The campaign is short yet enjoyable. Campaigns can be fun but often times end up the opposite. Usually online multiplayer first person shooters have convoluted campaigns or poorly executed campaigns. Come find out all about it in this Battlefield 1 campaign review.

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What is Fallout 76 About?

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Through all the bandwagon hate and some deserved criticism Fallout 76 is often perceived as a terrible game even from people who have never played it. Is all of it  true? What is Fallout 76 about honestly? The video game has been out for more than a year. The first year came with some additional free content in phases. 

First Wild Appalachia was released little by little a mixed bag of content. Next Nuclear Winter was released a battle royal type of game mode. As the end of 2019 neared Bethesda had to acknowledge there would be a delay to the release of Wastelanders. Since then Fallout 76 has been left in the same state receiving a small number of patches and fixes. Bethesda has made it known they plan to implement a number of patches and fixes with the Wastelanders add-on.

Yet none of this answers the question what is Fallout 76 about? First and foremost Fallout 76 is a multiplayer online role playing game. That being said Fallout 76 is always going to be a work in progress. Saying Fallout 76 is an unfinished video game is true but fails to acknowledge why Fallout 76 has to remain this way. Whether that is a good or bad thing for the gaming industry remains to be seen.

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Battlefield 1 Xbox One Review – Current State Of The Game

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Battlefield 1 was released for the Xbox One, PS4, and Microsoft Windows PC platform. Multiplayer gameplay stays the same across consoles. The PC platform differs only in lobby size compared to the console platform. There is no crossplay for Battlefield 1 so all platforms are divided.

Although a campaign is included most people usually play just for the multiplayer aspect.The current state of Battlefield 1 on the Xbox One platform is looking dim for a three year old game no longer receiving dedicated promotional or marketing efforts. Find out all you need to know as a new or returning player in this Battlefield 1 Xbox One review.

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Do People Still Play Pokemon Go – Yes but I Stopped Here’s Why

Legendary Bird Trio

While trying to provide some helpful information about Niantic and even some solutions to some problems keep in mind this is still just an individual experience. I do hope something positive can come out of it for other players and Niantic.

Curious do people still play Pokemon Go? Yes people still play Pokemon Go but I stopped why some may wonder why? Here today we will delve into why I stopped playing from my personal experience.

There are all types of new features Niantic has been hard at work implementing since releasing the mobile video game. From release the mobile game has become increasingly more casual. This is done so that a broad audience of players can pick up the game and have fun. Though the marketing and development is working how long will it work?

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Review – How was the Adventure

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon released November 17, 2017. Hard to believe it has been two years since then and now I understand why I rarely touch the video game cartridge at all. Certainly not as frequent as my Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire cartridges. In this Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon review find out how the somewhat new experience fared.

Find out why I ended up enjoying the adventure but rarely went beyond that such as completing the Pokedex, defeating the battle tree, catching all the legendary Pokemon or consistently using the Ultra Wormholes.

Being completely honest I enjoyed the Alolan Region and the different small environments. What I absolutely disliked was the amount of cut scenes. Granted this video game is rated E for everyone but time is important regardless of age.

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MSi GS63VR Stealth Pro Review – What a Great Gift.

msi gs63vr stealth pro

Normally yours truly is not into too many flashy items. I prefer a more practical approach with most items. That being said what I got given for 2017’s Christmas was completely unexpected and awesome. I was gifted a MSI laptop.

Truly an upgrade from what I was working with. This was amazing as it opened all kinds of opportunities for me. Two years in this thing is still looking as good new.

It keeps up with more than enough CPU power to spare. Of course that is not say this brand or the Operating System (OS) is flawless. I have seen my fair share of crashes for a number of reasons.

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Pros and cons of the Nintendo Switch – Why did it do so good?

nintendo switch with joy con

Certainly the tale of an underdog. Even its own creators were caught by surprise. The Nintendo Switch was released into the gaming industry with not much being expected from it as a console or entertainment system.

The specifications were exactly as advertised which is what made most savants overlook the value. I could understand why anyone looking for a console had much better options in terms of specifications. The same remains true when considering this an entertainment system.

All that is not even accounting for PC which beats the competition when comparing specifications. Most recent PC models are more that capable of serving as both.

So what are the pros and cons of the Nintendo Switch. Why did it do so good in terms of sales for what it was capable? Well when it comes down to it content is what matters.

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Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Differences. Are They Major?

omega ruby certificate of unwavering friendship

Remade from the 2002 originals Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire made their debut in 2014. After all these years Gamefreak still has yet to deviate from their two title model for main series Pokemon games. That is not a bad thing as this encourages trading between players.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire differences reside in version exclusive Pokemon. There is not that many major changes should you pick one title over the other.

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Fallout 4 Review – Replay is Possible

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On November 10th 2015 Bethesda released their latest continuation into the series. Fallout 4 has an interesting aspect most video games fail to capture.

Fallout 4 is a video game whose lifespan is not bound by lack of content or no longer supported. In most cases a video game will usually see a limited lifespan and fade into obscurity. Even with a remastering or DLC most video games simply lack replay value whether it is a multiplayer only, single player only or incorporates both.

Fallout 4 is set in Boston 10 years after the events that happened in Fallout 3. This is what I love about this game is it entirely up to you on how you want to start. You have the option of playing through the vanilla video game as the Sole Survivor of Vault 111. You also have the option to spice things up and add some mods regardless if you are on console or PC. Or ignore everything and just explore as you see fit.

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Xbox One S Review – Good but not Great Console

xbox one s 1TB starter bundle

On August 2016 came the Xbox One S an iteration of the Xbox One developed by Microsoft that would compete with the PS4, the PS4 Slim, the PS4 Pro, the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo Switch. While certainly an upgrade from the original model the Xbox One S still has shortcomings.

The One in the name stands for all in one entertainment system. At launch this console had little to offer the gaming community let alone the entertainment industry so the name felt out of place. Most of the entertainment the Xbox One S could offer was made available by other gaming systems or entertainment services.

Now in 2019 the name feels much more proper yet this is not to say that the Xbox One S is the best or greatest console currently in the market.

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