What is a FPS Game? – Can be fun for some

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Questioning what is a FPS game? A FPS game is a first person shooter video game. First person shooter games are played through the first person view of a playable character within the game.

First person shooter video games do not incite violence or other undesirable behaviour in players. This is just completely wrong information.

Some FPS games have violence in them but do not turn players into blood thirsty killers.

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What is a RPG video game? – They are niche but enjoyable.

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What is a RPG video game? A RPG video game is a role playing video game with a single player or multiplayer option, sometimes both. For the right audience RPG’s can provide a worthwhile experience. Actual role playing in RPG video games is not required at all.

Each role playing game will differ from one another. World of Warcraft for example is a MMO RPG while any main series Pokemon game is considered a RTS RPG. Some games offer role playing opportunities but are not classified as RPG’s. Minecraft is a sandbox video game but it’s content creates limitless opportunities for role playing.

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Individual Preference in Video Games – Keeping it to the Basics

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This is a topic that I have meant to talk about for a while now, individual preference in video games. There are legitimate scientific studies that have been conducted on this matter, this is not one of them though I highly advise to give those studies a read. No, this is just the experience from one gamer being shared to the whole world. A gamer that has to yet to regret any purchase relating to video games or any video game product.

After witnessing so many review bombing campaigns and nonconstructive comments or reviews on the online world I figured now is the perfect time to discuss how simple it is for person to find their own individual preference.

How is this related to review bombing campaigns or the vast amount of nonconstructive criticism found online? Well in my experience, gamers that stick with their own personal preference tend to maintain a more positive experience with video games than those that do not.

Satisfaction lies at the root of this. Satisfaction can stem from three things from my experience preference, interest or curiosity.

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Fallout 76 Beta – My Experience

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Bethesda is back at it again with the Fallout series this time bringing us to the post-apocalyptic wasteland of West Virginia.

Fallout 76 is set 25 years after the bombs dropped. It is up to you and other vault dwellers to explore the vastly changed landscape. All kinds of perils will lie ahead of your journey as you make your way across the wasteland.

Fallout 76 is the first time Bethesda implements multiplayer in the series. NPCs are in the game but only in the form of robots and vendors. This was done in hopes of increasing player interactions. It certainly makes for a weird feeling of complete desolation in some parts of the map. Yet it feels right considering it is 25 years after the bombs were dropped.

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About Game With Ease

Hello everyone and welcome to Game With Ease. Before starting this website I felt it necessary to start off by addressing some information about this website.

Game With Ease was made purely based off of passion and above all else integrity.

Playing video games requires one to learn and adapt quickly to a video game’s mechanics. Despite being good one should always seek out how to be the best there ever was. Naturally this will entice a gamer to amass all kinds of information on some video games and gaming products.

After playing video games for more than fifteen years I have learned a lot about gaming, a lot about hardware and a lot about software that can help improve your experience suited to your own preferences.

Now I am in a position where I can offer others some insight on all these topics so you can become a better gamer and game with ease.

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