Pros and cons of the Nintendo Switch – Why did it do so good?

Certainly the tale of an underdog. Even its own creators were caught by surprise. The Nintendo Switch was released into the gaming industry with not much being expected from it as a console or entertainment system.

The specifications were exactly as advertised which is what made most savants overlook the value. I could understand why anyone looking for a console had much better options in terms of specifications. The same remains true when considering this an entertainment system.

All that is not even accounting for PC which beats the competition when comparing specifications. Most recent PC models are more that capable of serving as both.

So what are the pros and cons of the Nintendo Switch. Why did it do so good in terms of sales for what it was capable? Well when it comes down to it content is what matters.

Some of the best video games in history have come out on top because of their content. Tetris, Super Mario N64, Pokemon Red/Blue/Green version, Halo 2, and Minecraft are great examples. These are games that revolutionized the gaming industry and are widely acclaimed for their success.

The content these video games had to offer all based around the simple idea of providing a fun experience for players.

There are some pros and cons of the Nintendo Switch that stand as more important that others. These are not regarding anybody’s individual preference as this is under the notion that you have accepted one fact as a consumer. A Nintendo Switch is not needed in any household it is purely optional to purchase one.

First we will start with going over top five pros of the Nintendo Switch. Second on the list is top five cons of the Nintendo Switch. Then we discuss title exclusives and how they can impact a systems’ success. Finally, we delve into how simplicity and convenience both made this system a viable option as a game console and entertainment system.

Five pros of the Nintendo Switch.

Ah yes so what are seven pros of this system if you just happened to be curious about it well lets get into that.

  1. The hardware design is very robust for what it may seem like. This system is advertised more towards kids so you can imagine the type of beating a system is capable of handling. If it has a protective case and screen added on that you can rest assured bet this system will last kept under recommended operating conditions.
  2. Software is very user-friendly and functional. Similar to the interface of the PS4 Pro this system is also easy to interact with. A user of any age can find it easy navigate though without the constant annoyance of a buffering screen.
  3. Mobility is a feature way too often ignored with all systems’ unless it is for a mobile device. I know most adults care little for this aspect as most have other obligations to tend to. Kids on the other hand really get to benefit the advancement of leisure technology since the Nintendo Switch can function as a handheld device.
  4. Reasonable battery life off the charging dock. Prolonged use usually can be harmful so the amount of time this system last while off the charging dock is more that enough.
  5. Enjoyable for any age. This system for what is worth is able to provide just as much entertainment as it’s competitors which cost more. Competitors such as the PS4 line and the Xbox One line.

Five cons of the Nintendo Switch.

Though a great system to have that is not say that it is the best or perfect no longer in need of updates or upgrades.

  1. Memory is a big issue with the Nintendo Switch. This is because the little amount of memory will usually require you to purchase an external memory drive 4GB is kinda lacking. Some models within the PS4 and Xbox One line come with 2TB way more that what your average gamer needs.
  2. Bane of the joy cons. In some titles you will find it difficult to use the joy con comfortably. The ergonomics get so uncomfortable that the joy con pro controller is sometimes the better alternative requiring an additional purchase.
  3. Includes very few titles outside of Nintendo’s party. The very few video games you find available within the Nintendo’s store owned by outside parties is very few. Video games like Skyrim and Fortnite have made it onto the Switch. Now I understand that a subject like this can get legally complicated really quickly. There are so many variables that get involved both from a legal and technical standpoint.
  4. AC adapter surprised me I thought external adapters were a thing of the past. The brick is bulky and takes up a lot of room on an extension cord or outlet. The dock is not supposed to go anywhere to begin with so why was this not placed internally.
  5. Making any transition towards a new console has never been made easy by Nintendo. This is still seen within the Switch. Meanwhile, Microsoft is making a gradual change towards making the transition between an older model to a newer one a lot easier.

Title Exclusives do They Determine Success?

No. I would love to leave it at that I know I should explain. Well it is simple it is not the only variable a person looks for when buying a new console for some yes but not all.

It is something people consider when purchasing a console but definitely not the driving force of purchase.

A video game is only as good as the software and hardware that run it. If the software is clunky and the hardware is lacking that nobody is going to want it.

Simplicity and convenience made it viable.

Me and perhaps many other people may agree. Simplicity and convenience are what made the system so viable. It is portable and capable of using streaming apps such as Netflix and Hulu. Any available title can be played without worrying about crashing too often though keep the specifications at the back of your mind there are not the best in the market.

Easy for anyone to pick up and play just follow the setup guide.

That about wraps it up for this post if you have any relevant questions or comments feel free to drop them below.

Nintendo Switch Rating
  • Content
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  • Support

Nintendo Switch Rating

Product Review: Nintendo Switch

Product Description: A game console that also serves as portable handheld there a number of ways a person can play using the Nintendo Switch. Able to last six hours undocked this system really pushes the boundaries in being able to play anywhere and anytime. Having access to big library of exclusive titles the Nintendo Switch has a number of reasons of why you would want to play.

There are all types of bundles out there so be sure to check the description of what is included. A standard Nintendo Switch bundle will include the console, a Nintendo Switch dock, the left and right joy con controllers. This will also come with two joy con strap peripherals, one joy con grip, an HDMI cable, and a Nintendo Switch AC adapter.

Availability: Check a local retailer for latest availability.

5 thoughts on “Pros and cons of the Nintendo Switch – Why did it do so good?”

  1. Thank you for reading. This certainly is an interesting console I was surprised myself at how well it did. Nintendo has a big library of exclusive titles so I never expected it to flop but I also did not expect to do as well it did. Cross-play certainly is something that helped boost this consoles popularity and a pretty awesome feature. I hope we see this feature included more within the industry going forward.

  2. What a great post! I work with kids on a daily basis, and it seems like all they ever want to talk about is their Nintendo Switch! I have learned quite a bit about gaming from my students, and one thing I always find interesting is that they will buy anything that has the brand, “Nintendo!” I like the way you laid out the pros and cons. It made it very easy to determine if the Switch would be a smart purchase or not. I know Nintendo is a respectable company, but it does seem like they make gaming systems that require further purchases down the road. With that said, I still think that Nintendo will be around for quite some time. I appreciate your honest review!  Thank you:)



    • Your welcome Suzi! I am glad you found this helpful. For the longest time Nintendo was strict with micro transactions being included within their platform or associated with their Intellectual Property. These future purchases you speak of are the result of Nintendo experimenting with the idea. While Nintendo will persist on no doubt, I am unsure about micro transactions being a part of that continuation.

  3. The main reason that I have always liked Nintendo is that it is robust and doesn’t break easily, especially when we have little children playing very roughly with it. I also love that most of the games are both good and simple to understand.

    I also wish it had more memory without one having to go out and buy extra memory. This to me is a big drawback and one of the issues that should be fixed if they want to keep up with the competition.

    • Yes Michel you are so right the design of the Nintendo Switch is very durable it’s quite impressive. The titles that are available for the Switch are quite user friendly it’s another pro of the Nintendo Switch. Not everyone has a huge amount of time they can readily invest into a video game so to offer titles that are easy to pick up and play is refreshing. 

      The memory is quite low for a modern console I am sure Nintendo had it’s reasons for this. Keeping costs low while also providing value to a consumer. 

      A bigger memory storage for every single Switch they have manufactured would have required more material. The need for more materials would have increased the price, an increase that would have transferred over to the buyer purchasing it. In the event that a user does not even utilize the memory to the fullest extent, made it too liable. For Nintendo I can see it being easier and more cost effective to create a fixed storage amount of 32GB and have individuals decide whether they require more storage or not.


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