MSi GS63VR Stealth Pro Review – What a Great Gift.

Normally yours truly is not into too many flashy items. I prefer a more practical approach with most items. That being said what I got given for 2017’s Christmas was completely unexpected and awesome. I was gifted a MSI laptop.

Truly an upgrade from what I was working with. This was amazing as it opened all kinds of opportunities for me. Two years in this thing is still looking as good new.

It keeps up with more than enough CPU power to spare. Of course that is not say this brand or the Operating System (OS) is flawless. I have seen my fair share of crashes for a number of reasons.

Despite the flaws we are going through a MSi GS63VR Stealth Pro Review. This laptop has impressed me time and time again and it has me convinced that it is worth it.

First we will go into an overview of specifications that stand out. Second is discussing the good and bad about this notebook/laptop. Next is the relevance of the model. Last we dive into whether it will retain it’s value as a high end laptop.

Specifications Overview

Nobody needs to be a tech expert in order to find the right laptop themselves or for somebody else. Research is the reason why.

What really matters is what you are looking for. Before I was gifted my MSi laptop I was in need of an upgrade. Most laptops would have been fit what I was looking for. The main purpose of this MSi GS63VR Stealth Pro Review is to explain how this laptop model is different from other notebook models within the same league of performance.

This laptop model has been out for three years already. Far from the newest model especially for a MSi brand model. Let’s check out some specifications that stand out and what they mean.

  • Windows 10 OS – The designated Operating System. Windows 10 functions reliable most of the time but user experience will vary.
  • Processor – Up to 6th Gen. Intel Core i7 processor.
    • Intel Core i7 processor will stay the same but little changes in the model vary depending on when it was manufactured. Difference in performance is hardly noticeable since it goes by milliseconds. The i7-7700HQ model clocks at 2.8GHz.
  • Graphic Card – Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1060.
    • 15.6″ Full HD display with maximum resolution being 1920 x 1080p. Though not 4K or HDR the HD displayed is clear and sharp.
  • Video Memory – 6GB GDDR5 card.
    • Assists with graphics being displayed.
  • System Memory – 16GB DDR4-2400MHz
    • Helps with processing speeds.
  • Hard Drive Disc (HDD) Storage – Maximum storage is 1 TB.
    • This storage is meant to serve as extra storage for whatever you may need to save.
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) Storage – Maximum storage is 256 GB.
    • The solid state drive helps functions go faster with the extra storage.
  • Steelseries Engine 3 – Energy efficient back lit keyboard.
    • Looks amazing and helps typing in dark areas.

Good and bad about this Notebook/Laptop

The good is that this laptop holds up to the price. The design is very appealing putting slim mobility combined with CPU power over an optical disc drive. What we get is a system that is able to capture both aesthetics and practicality.

More than often you get one or the other but rarely best of both worlds.

Of course that is not to say this model suits everyone’s needs. What if you want 4K resolution or an optical disc drive? Well then this is certainly not the ideal model for your situation.

The bad of this laptop is because of what it has and what it lacks components wise. It makes this laptop ideal only for digital consumers. Someone who uses digital products or services in place of physical ones. Or someone who needs a laptop with capable processing power but also with slim mobility.

Relevance of the Model

How can this model stay relevant? It is a high end laptop so to buy one only to have it’s value deprecated is a valid concern for every consumer. Well in order to talk relevance first we have to understand Moore’s Law.

Moore’s Law is what has foreseen the gradual improvement of transistor chips. In short this predicts that every two years the speed and processing capabilities of computers will advance to a certain point. The latest and greatest scheme is at last starting to wane.

This coupled with the fact that we have a finite amount of resources, companies in all industries are starting to innovate on keeping value within products.

It makes sense as our current linear economy model completely disregards a lot of issues.

So why is this important? It is not like this brand is looking to scale the circular economy. While Microsoft is looking into future prospects with scaling the circular economy it is not a priority or widely publicize. Most companies interested are just testing the waters at the time of writing this.

Though like Moore’s Law this trend is going to pick up as it is way too practical of an opportunity to pass up.

This MSi model has the all the right parts and processing power that allow it to fit into the circular economy model which was done inadvertently.

Will It Retain Value

Many laptops of the early 2000s have bitten the dust and fallen out of favor because of a number of reasons. Everyone always wants the newest item at all cost. Companies want to have adequate supply and demand no matter what. There are so many reasons but at last we have come to a halt. Well at least in this industry.

Any newer model will have a few more features here and there but nothing world changing. This is because at the commercial scale, improvement of computational processing capabilities and speed have pretty much meet there limit.

So going back to this notebook model how does it factor in to all the geek talk well it is simple. So long as the OS, drivers, and applications stay supported this laptop stands to lose little in value over time. Not say that it will never deprecate in value no it will inevitability but for now it can enjoy a very slow decline in value. For what it offers compared to what is being manufactured currently this is certainly worth it.

If I am being honest I felt kinda dirty when I was gifted this only because most high end items turn out to be just advertising hype and rarely better a situation. Two years working with this thing I still find myself saying wow what a great gift. Too bad it is discontinued.

If you have any further relevant comments or questions feel free to drop them below.

MSI GS63VR 6RF Stealth Pro Rating
  • Design
  • Processing Power
  • Support

MSI GS63VR 6RF Stealth Pro Rating

Product: MSi GS63VR 6RF Stealth Pro

Product Description: A very slick design although it looks like it will snap in two it won’t under normal use. The design is no disappointment because it is as capable as it looks and as advertised. An ideal notebook style laptop for those who edge more towards digital products and services ranging from video games, video editing software, cloud storage the list goes on.

Availability: Discontinued check a local retailer for latest availability on similar models.

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