About Us

This site is about helping people game with ease regardless of platform. Learn more about the creator of this website and how this website ended up getting creating. It is an interesting story when you account how much of a difference it makes in life when you know what you want to do and do it.

Some things to know about me the creator of the website: I never cared about anyone’s expectation or opinion of me especially in compulsory schooling. Having this mentality allowed my curiosity to persevere throughout my life.

Since a wee little lad at 4 years old I was naturally drawn to video games and TV. Now I know what most are thinking. Isn’t that every child who grew up during the same time period. Yeah probably but I certainly was not like every child. The gaming systems I used and the television set I had exposed me to what would eventually become my life passion working with technology a broad but fascinating subject.

It all started when my older siblings began to hide the cables for our Nintendo 64 console. I was four at the time and had yet to go to the prison that was school. My siblings knew I would take advantage of this and play as much as I wanted so they hide away the cables. Unbeknownst to them they unintentionally sparked a never ending curiosity inside of me because of their decision. Once I found the cables I was more curious about what made my console power on instead of playing Super Mario N64 on it.

Why did my console need wires while my Game Boy only needed batteries I wondered? I was four at the time mind you so the concept of electrical engineering, coding, and programming did not exactly register until I learned more about it on my free time as I grew older and gained access to more resources. All I knew at the time was that outlets and batteries were providing electricity to devices with wires . Electricity was just a term my siblings and parents had warned me not to play with at the time of my understanding. There were so many more questions I had such as how were the video games created? I had no concept of coding, programming, physics, manufacturing or distribution.

Now 2019 and my understanding of these many subjects has become much more complex thanks to my curiosity which persists to this very day despite going through compulsory schooling.

Who am I?

Hi my name is Kevin and I am someone who enjoys the experience of playing video games. I do not have any experience in developing video games (yet), playing so many different kinds of video games after all these years and my experience with coding have given me quite an insight to the industry.

Having literally grown up with some of the top franchises, developing studios and publishers has been pretty neat to observe and experience. IPs like Super Mario, Pokémon, Halo, Gears of War even Minecraft have been especially interesting to see what ends up becoming of them. What does their road map look like not just for this year but for the many more to come I wonder?

What Type of Video Games do I Play?

From what is now retro video games to more current video games my experience extends vastly. The type of video games I play include First Person Shooter, Third Person Shooter, Role-Playing Games, Open-World, Augmented Reality, Survival and Real-Time Strategy games. I play with every aspect a video game has to offer, single player, co-op or online multiplayer. This gives me the opportunity to see every developer’s version of Player vs Player and Player vs Environment or in some video games both.

What can I say, I like to see what the developing studio created and why. Did they create a product that performs as advertised? Was it developed or manufactured with good intentions (genuine entertainment in this case) or purely for monetary purposes?

Where it Started.

Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64 and Pokémon Red for the Game Boy Colored started it all for me back in 2001. Being born in 1997 I did not get to see the start of gaming but my timing was surprisingly exceptional for seeing its development. It is from here my curiosity for tech, video games and marketing stemmed.

Can you imagine all of this started from a simple search for some fun around the house as child. Inadvertently that search for fun ended up becoming a solidified passion of mine. From that passion my curiosity flourished unfazed by the likes of compulsory schooling. With passionate curiosity I am now making a living as an Online Entrepreneur such a new and broad title but it’s what I do.

With my unique insight and experience I intend to stick around for the long haul within the industry so I do have a long term plan for this website and for myself none of it includes flipping.

Why This Site Exists.

Generally speaking most video games have set obstacles and challenges that allow players to experience and develop skills necessary to overcome them. This website was created in order to help people get a better understanding of video gaming and video game products.

Understanding your product can become an immense task especially in the gaming industry. There are so many products it can become hard to differentiate between a product that can offer value and products that do not. Research plays a crucial factor in all of this but what if you simply do not have the interest or time? What if you simply want to know about the best products that offer real value?

This is where Game With Ease comes into play. We do take the time to vet products for the potential value it could offer to a gamer. We strive to become the one stop solution for your research and purchasing decisions related to gaming.

This is where it gets tricky but makes it all the more awesome. You see everybody has their own version of fun. Gamers will naturally develop their own preferences in video gaming. It is important to acknowledge, understand and constantly develop ones own individual preference. It can lead to much more positive experiences within the gaming industry.

Everybody having their own version of fun is always taken into consideration here at Game With Ease with the exception of being toxic within a community. Game With Ease does not condone or support toxicity within the gaming industry in any way, shape or form both online and offline. Any criticism found on this website is written to be constructive but never toxic.

One could say that this website was made to help the gaming industry get some honest unbiased feedback on products. Not only for gamers but also for developers and publishers should they stumble upon this website. If any post or comment feels biased please consider the time and research put behind it all. If anything sounds biased it is not because we are passionate not biased on a matter. Whether that passion takes the form of a highly critical review or a kind-hearted review I hope you enjoy and learn something.

Thank you for stopping by and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.